Dracula Rising

Session 1

...wherein plot is dumped, and cats (and people) are almost strangled

The PCs start off in High Bleymouth, home of the Ordo Dracul stronghold (such as it is) known as The Institute. William was Embraced by Miguel Culebre, the Kogaion of the Institute, while Rupert‘s torpored body was kept safe there by Jeeves. Jack Carter met them in his study and gave them a general rundown on the village and its inhabitants (in particular: the need to enforce the Masquerade, especially given oncoming visit of Victoria Willows and a BBC camera crew). He also mentioned that Petra Ellington hadn’t been seen about for a few nights, and asked them to check in on her.

The PCs then fuelled up on cow’s blood and headed into town (shops shut late in Bleymouth- hey, sometimes the best thing a vampire can use its unnatural mental influence over society to achieve is later opening hours in a small village where 5pm is almost always before sunset). They headed to the local post office-cum-grocery shop, where they bought some flowers and a packet of Polos and listened to Mildred Cuthbert gossip about some new arrivals to town.

As they headed back towards High Bleymouth to find Petra’s house, they noticed a trail of ash leading from the local shady pub known as The Drunken Duck down towards the beach.

They got to Petra’s house and found no one would answer the door, although there was a cat mewing inside. William instinctively checked under the mat, and finding the key there, let himself in with the intent of strangling the cat to make it less noisy (Malkovians; what can you do?)

Inside they found signs of struggle in the kitchen, including traces of blood as if someone had been injured. They also found a very hungry and annoyed cat by the name of Tibbles, who avoided William’s attempts at felicide and persuaded Jeeves to pour it someone of the slightly-off milk from the fridge.

William headed upstairs and no sign of Petra. He also found that regrettably, the only things worth stealing were the sort of items people would be likely to notice missing.

By the time William arrived back downstairs, Rupert was engaged in conversation with Tibbles via the medium of Animalism. Tibbles (who appears to be something of a megalomaniac, even by cat standards) explained that two humans who did not immediately appear undead had turned up and dragged off Petra. It also volunteered that the humans had smelled strongly of garlic (indicating a squashed garlic clove left behind in the kitchen). The PCs took Tibbles to go convey this information to Jack.

They found Jack on the telephone to someone (probably a ghoul) about the preparations for Victoria’s arrival (something to do with hastily covering up some sort of occult research into snakes?) He was greatly concerned by the PCs’ discoveries, and asked them to go convey the unfortunate news to Emilia Winthrop (the sire of both the missing Petra and a vampire named Vince Patterson, recently dead under mysterious circumstances. Emilia had definitely felt one of her childer die but not the other, but it was unclear what to make of this.

While Jeeves and Rupert went to check up on that ash trail, William went to find Emilia. As per usual, she was in the local village stable block, but she was locked in her office. When William approached the door, he heard her crying. It seemed she was still very upset over the death of Vince. Unfortunately, William broke the news somewhat roughly, and almost succeeded in making her frenzy. Calming down somewhat when William mentioned Jeeves was on the case (he has that effect on people), she urged William to find these kidnappers (perhaps mortal vampire-hunters?) and find out if they were the same people who had murdered poor Vince. William hurried off to do just that, as behind him Emilia broke into a frenzy and began smashing up her office.



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