Dracula Rising

Session 4

in which a damsel in distress is rescued, and another is targeted

While hiding in a bush at the bottom of the hill, William heard an ambulance arriving. He remembered that the closest hospital is Whitby General, within the Whitby Exclusion Zone. Realising that all the attention was going to be focused on Kevin for the time being, he snuck back up the hill AGAIN and succeeded in getting around to the rear of the house unseen. He then broke in through the back window and headed down to the basement, on the basis that he’d heard sobbing coming from underground.

He found Petra Ellington under a tarp, with numerous cuts and some cigarette burns on her arms. She seemed to be partly in shock, but with his help (and almost her last bit of Vitae, and some lucky rolls) she was able to break her bonds and escape with him back out through the window. On her way up, she grabbed a nearby woman’s jacket to cover her injuries.

They successfully snuck back down the hill as the ambulance left with Kevin, getting away just in time to hear Libby’s scream as she found Petra missing.

William took Petra straight to the herd to fuel up on blood- sadly Petra was hungry enough to frenzy and kill one of the (rather expensive) rarebreed cows. Sir Alan Richmont is probably not going to be happy about that.

They headed back to The Institute, and were met by Jack Carter, who was glad to see Petra alive but very concerned by her story of Libby feeding on her. Libby clearly knew a bit about the Kindred, but less than you’d expect from a ghoul with a regnant keeping an eye on her. At this point, Petra found something in the pocket of the jacket she was wearing. It was an envelope, addressed to Libby, and written on a crumpled and filthy piece of paper. One side had a letter to Libby, rather condescnendingly offering help in dealing with her “condition”, and making references to the return of “OUR LORD AND MASTER”. It was signed only as ‘R’. On the other side were some scribbed tallies in columns.

This note seemed to seriously worry Jack, who made the unprecedented suggestion that William should go down to the basement to find Dr Culebre and ask him to call a meeting. The Kogaion generally doesn’t respond well to being disturbed, but Jack seemed to feel this was a special situation.

Culebre was sitting (rather dishevelled) in a completely pitch black basement, and as predicted was not very happy about being disturbed. However, the letter seemed to get his attention, and so the whole of The Institute was soon meeting to discuss the situation.

It emerged that the chapter was seriously rattled by the fact that the letter seemed to have been written by Renfield- said to be Dracula’s only known ghoul. Mentioned in That Book, the Ordo scholars had widely agreed that Renfield was merely a fictional character, but the letter did seem to bear several identifying marks associated with him (including the tally on the back, which looked like one of Renfield’s infamous charts of the small animals he kept alive and fed to each other, in order to ‘concentrate’ their blood and so grant some sort of occult power. The first few columns on the tally were initialled as F, S, B and C, corresponding to Renfield’s known habit of collecting flies, spiders, birds and cats, gradually working his way up the food chain. Somewhat ominously, the last two columns in the tally were H (for human) and V (for… well, you can guess why that made the vampires nervous).

After a brief discussion, it was concluded that the whereabouts of someone claiming to be Renfield is the sort of thing the Ordo Dracul would be VERY interested and knowing. So the decision was made to go find Libby (thus killing two birds with one stone: both finding how she got in touch with her new penpal, and also eliminating the threat she posed to the Masquerade).



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