Dracula Rising

Session 5

a sudden car chase, and a leap of faith

William was taking a drink from Mrs Higgins when Jack came in looking rather worried.

It seems Jack had nipped outside for a quick conversation with some birds (Animalism, gotta love it). Birds don’t have a terrific grasp of human technology and social conventions, so it was hard to be certain, but from their description of the loud noise emanating from the bottom of Cobblestone Lane… it sounded like Libby was in the process of stealing someone’s car.

There are a limited number of roads leading out of Ravenscar, so there was a scramble to man all available exits. William found himself on the A-Road that runs north from the village- you know, the one that leads past Lilla’s Cross straight into the Whitby Exclusion Zone. People who go past Lilla’s Cross without Lancea Sanctum authorisation (even a few feet, even as a joke) have a tendency to vanish abruptly and not be seen again. Fortunately, he had a good 25 minutes or so of driving through empty moorland before he hit that particular landmark- and up ahead were the lights of Libby’s stolen car.

Libby did her best to ram the bike off the road, but fortunately the nippier motorbike was able to dodge. William proceeded to leap from the bike onto the roof of the car. The driver’s side window was already smashed (by Libby as she was breaking in), so as Libby desperately tried to shake the vampire off, William managed to reach in, open the door, and leap down onto the road pulling Libby after him.

They survived- just. Libby just about managed to avoid death, William was driven into torpor. He was woken up a few hours later by Jeeves, who was carrying a transplant cooler containing something that looked quite unpleasant but did at least contain enough Potent blood to wake William up fairly swiftly. William was bundled into the boot of a Rolls Royce and driven back to The Institute.

Next session: the interrogation of Libby begins…



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