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  • High Bleymouth

    High Bleymouth is on the coast of North Yorkshire, forming part of a complex with Ravenscar. It's basically the decaying remains of what, in its heyday, was a popular C19th spa town. There's a spring a short distance inland which had "wholesome …

  • The Institute

    A minor Ordo Dracul chapterhouse based in [[High Bleymouth]]. Currently resident vampires include: [[:69308|Reverend Paul Wilhurst]] -the chaplain [[:69313|Jack Carter]]- the pastoral officer [[:69315|Emilia Winthrop]]

  • Whitby Exclusion Zone

    The area around [[Whitby]], guarded by the [[Prince Bishops]], to prevent members of the Ordo from making pilgrimages to the site of one of Dracula's two main English havens. The border is indicated by a series of boundary markers (most of them pre- …

  • Whitby

    The site of Dracula's first English haven (the second being located in [[London]].) Once a major stronghold of the Ordo Dracul. However, the chaos and infighting following Dracula's departure gave the [[Prince Bishops]] the opportunity to seize the …